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May 21, 2009
Media Day
Coverage of
Six Flags
Great Adventure's

of the
Medusa Coaster

The MEDUSA coaster has been transformed into BIZARRO, a
multi-sensory ride experience that will take you to another
dimension of thrill. Known for his clumsy and destructive attempts
to emulate Superman, everything in Bizarro's world is twisted and
backwards. The Bizarro experience begins the moment you enter
the ride queue line through a custom-created comic book story.
Climb aboard the newly-designed coaster cars with custom built
audio in the headrest. Experience the sensation of flying as your
feet dangle above the track. Plummet at 60 mph through Bizarro's
freeze vision "cool zone." Twist and turn through seven loops, then
blast past bursts of Bizarro's fire breath and race by bizarre
scenes and illusions. This mind-boggling 3,985-foot twisting
journey of storytelling and high tech elements will take your
imagination to another dimension.
I wish to thank Angel Aristone, Public Relations Manager at
Six Flags Great Adventure, for providing me with the opportunity
to attend Media Day for the Grand Opening of

To Angel and the entire crew
at Great Adventure - A Job Well Done !!!
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