This page of Flyin Phil's Photos is dedicated to my Father, who is responsible
for this website in the first place.  He has provided me with an
interest in aviation since I could barely walk, and to this day has always
encouraged me in all that I do in life not only as a person, but as a pilot,
aircraft owner and aerial photographer.  During the first ten years
of his aircraft ownership in the 1960's, he shot quite a few
Aerial Photos of the New York / New Jersey metropolitan areas.

His airplane was a 1946 model
Fairchild F-24 with an in-line Ranger,
6-cylinder engine.  The airplane had a tubular steel and
wood structure, covered with cotton fabric, then doped and painted.  He
owned the plane with his brother, and during their years flying together,
some rather interesting aerial photos were captured.  Take special note
of the
1964 World's Fair, and New York City before the Twin Towers
were constructed.  Also, see a comparison between the now defunct
amusement park Bertand Island in Lake Hopatcong, NJ,
and what exists there today.

To you,
Dad, I dedicate this page, featuring your Personal Aerial Photos
from the 1960's.  A Unique Collection of views many have never seen,
and for others, to offer a comparison to what presently exists.

Below is
Flyin Phil in his youth next to Dad's Fairchild in the early 1970's,
at Sky Manor airport in Pittstown, NJ, once home to many antique aircraft.
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