(northern NJ)
(northern NJ & Long Island, NY)
in Lake Hoptcong, NJ
(northern NJ)
This page of Flyin Phil's Photos is dedicated to my Dad.  He has always
provided me with an interest in aviation since I could barely walk,
and always
encouraged me in all that I did in life, including
becoming a private pilot, aircraft owner and
aerial photographer.

The airplane
my dad flew, and also shared with his brother, was a
1946 Fairchild F24 with an in-line 6-cylinder, 200hp Ranger engine.
It had
a tubular steel and wood structure covered with
cotton fabric which was then doped & painted.

During his years of flying he captured some unique aerials.
Take special note of the 1964 World's Fair and
New York City BEFORE the Twin Towers were constructed.

ad's camera was a 35mm Mamiya which had to be manually focused.
Try flying an airplane and positioning it to capture the photo,

then focusing it while flying past the subject at over 100 mph.
I have a difficult enough time myself, and that's using a modern,
point-and-shoot camera.
 My dad did good, and I am grateful
to be able to see what he witnessed nearly 60 years ago.

To you,
Dad, I dedicate this page, featuring your personal aerial photos.
A unique collection of views many have never seen, and for others,
to offer a comparison to what presently exists.