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from the Grand Opening of The Dark Knight Coaster
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Flyin Phil's May 15, 2008 Media Day coverage of the
Grand Opening of Six Flags Great Adventure's
Newest Attraction:
The Dark Knight Coaster
It's called The Dark Knight Coaster and it's Great Adventure's Latest Indoor Family
Thrill Ride.  An entirely "Enclosed" coaster, this "Dark Ride" is unlike any other coaster
at Great Adventure.  The ride's layout is based on the well known "Wild Mouse" coaster,
except that now you are riding in total darkness, and more important, are treated to an

Unsuspecting riders enter the ride's line queue and are quickly transformed into citizens
of Gotham City.  They are presented with video clips from The Dark Knight movie, Sounds
of a city in chaos and graphical special effects which portray a city under seige and torn
apart by
The Joker.  These riders-turned-citizens are placed onto a battlefield of good
vs. evil.  Will The Dark Knight save them ???  Find out by riding
The Dark Knight Coaster,
only at
Six Flags Great Adventure !!!
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The Dark Knight Coaster
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I wish to thank Angel Aristone, Public Relations Manager at Six Flags Great Adventure,
for allowing me to attend Media Day for the Grand Opening of
The Dark Knight Coaster
Upon arriving at The Dark Knight coaster, I was greeted by the sight of a rather large
building protruding majestically from the park’s landscape.  One exterior wall was eerily
painted as a cloud-filled sky on a Gotham City day, and this gave the building an almost
“fluid” look adding to the effect.  On this same side, a glass enclosed structure protruded
outward towards the line queue with the words “Gotham City Rail” displayed on the front,
which houses the ride’s pre-show.  Directly in front of this pre-show area, the line queue
is equipped with canvas awnings overhead to shade visitors waiting for their ride through
Gotham City.

Upon entering the pre-show area, which is in fact yet another line queue, a news report
about Gotham City plays constantly.  Once the queue is filled, the door closes behind you,
completely isolating you from the outside world.  It is here that you are presented with a
video clip from Batman: The Dark Knight movie (due in theatres July 2008).  Suddenly,
though, the video is interrupted with various and somewhat confusing video segments that
give you an uneasy feeling and you somehow know that something is awry.  The words
“HA HA” appear all over, obviously placed there by The Joker as he is tormenting
everyone.  Without even realizing it, park guests are being transformed into citizens of
Gotham City.  Another door opens, and the newly transformed citizens now leave the room
and follow signs to the train platform.  They are then greeted with a mirror which
superimposes a villian’s face onto theirs, heightening the experience.  Looking down from
the raised walkways, one can see many Joker cards scattered about to remind you of the
chaotic experience that awaits you.
Finally, making your way up the winding train station platforms, the subway cars can now
be seen loading and unloading citizens of Gotham City.  These are in fact mini-subway cars,
and they never do stop moving, so one must be rather quick to jump into their seat and
lower the individual lap bar.

Once pulling out of the station, a 90 degree turn into near darkness is made, and you are
now traveling up an incline while laughs from The Joker and screams of other Gotham City
citizens can be heard.  Once cresting this hill, the car changes speed and performs sudden
180 degree turns left and right, and all without warning as the sight in front of you is of
complete darkness.  Eerie messages are lit up all over your surroundings.  More and more
screams can be heard, and just when you least expect, the rails drop out from beneath
your car as you loose your stomach and screams echo about.  Over and over this repeats
until you descend back into the station, relieved you survived The Joker’s torment.  Yes,
The Dark Knight has come to your rescue.  You made it back to the train station unharmed.

Upon exiting the car, you walk up a flight of stairs, than back down another.  And if you
look up at this point in time, the ride itself can be seen, and heard, complete with
screams of Gotham City citizens and laughs of The Joker.  Finally, you exit the building
and are greeted once again by daylight.  You are transformed back to park guests, ready
to witness the expressions of fear, joy and overall thrill that your face has portrayed
during your subway car ride through the Gotham City streets.  The photo booth at the ride’
s exit is where you can see these expressions, and purchase a keepsake to take home with
you as a reminder that you were saved by The Dark Knight.  You are now ready to continue
your day at Six Flags Great Adventure and possibly return for one more encounter with
The Dark Knight and The Joker.

I rode The Dark Knight coaster only once, though this was enough to provide you with a
complete review.  Also, if you are up to 6 ft-6 in tall (like I am), you will have no problems
with leg room, providing you sit in the back row of the subway car.  I actually had a lot of
leg room and was able to stretch out my legs under the seat in front of me and really
enjoy the ride.  I witnessed larger folks fit and enjoy their ride as well.  The cars are not
your typical “Wild Mouse” type cars, but rather a newer design which takes into account
the various sizes and heights of individuals that will ride this unique coaster.  Go out and
ride The Dark Knight today…Below is an On-Ride photo of Flyin Phil on The Dark Knight !!!
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