1.  Just who is Flyin Phil?
Flyin Phil is an alias I use on many amusement park "fan"
websites and forums.  
I used to contribute to these sites
by shooting aerials of roller coasters and other attractions
as they were being built.

2. Why create this website?
Ever since obtaining my pilot license I have been keen to
shoot photos of all locations that looked unique from an
aerial perspective.  Af
ter shooting a number of these
aerials, I decided that
creating a website to display my
to the world would be a good idea.  My motto is the
still the same as it has always been...I surely hope you
Enjoy the View from Above".

3. What type of aircraft do you fly ?
I once owned a Cessna 172 Skyhawk with a 180 hp Lycoming
and shared many memorable flights with my father.  
After his passing in 2016 I had to sell the airplane due to
financial considerations.  Even if I didn't fly, my fixed
yearly costs were $5,000.  This number included parking,
insurance & maintenance, plus a few other incidentals.  
Because of this I sold my beloved Skyhawk after a little
over 20 years of ownership.  I now rent a Cessna Skyhawk
from a local airport and, though my father is no longer my
copilot and I do miss him on every flight, I still enjoy taking
to the skies to shoot aerials

4. When did you get your pilot's license ?
After graduating college in January 1994, I began flight
training at
Lincoln Park airport in northern New Jersey.
I soloed
after 6 hours instruction and obtained my Private
License in Spring of 1995 for a total of about $5,000.  
I'm happy I chose to obtain my license when I did because
it's now closer to double that amount.

5. What altitude do you fly when shooting photos ?
I generally fly between 1,000-2,000 feet for most of my
photo shoots.
 When I'm at this altitude I usually slow the
aircraft to 90 mph which gives me more time to setup and
photograph the site before I whiz by the.  When I wish to
photos of New York City and Philadelphia, I climb to
an altitude of 8,000 feet which gives me a buffer of 1,000
feet over each of their designated airspaces.  Doing so
allows me to
take my time without needing to talk or listen
to an aircraft controlling agency on my radio.

6. What camera do you use to shoot your photos ?
I now use a Canon SX20 with 12.1 MP and 20X optical zoom,
though I previously used four other cameras which you can
read about on my
Hangar Talk page.