Flyin Phil's May 21, 2008 Media Day coverage of
Possessed (originally named Voodoo)
Only at Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom
Allentown, Pennsylvania
(Page Updated on February 8, 2009)
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I want to first tell you what you can expect when you ride Voodoo for the first time.  
under the straight spike portion of the ride.  Visibility upward is out of the question due
to a corrugated steel security roof overhead.  Once you pass this point, a gradual incline
leads to the loading platform where you have the option of choosing one of fourteen slots
to wait in for your turn to ride, each corresponding to a two-abreast seating row on
Voodoo’s train.

Upon boarding, you walk out onto a “swollen” floor.  It basically looks as if air has been
pumped under the floor to raise it enough to assist you in sitting yourself properly.  Not
the case, though, as the floor remains in this raised position permanently.  You still
actually have to prop yourself up a bit to sit in the seat, unless you are 6 ft-6 in tall
like I am.  When I was seated, I noticed that my feet only had about a foot of clearance
from the floor.  You then pull down the OTSR (Over The Shoulder Harness) and secure
the side mounted seat belt (used only as a precautionary measure).  The OTSR itself is
secured in place via hydraulic cylinder embedded in the seating structure.  After the
rider operator checks your harness and gives the thumbs-up to the ride operator, you
wait to hear the final words before departing:

Voodoo will Possess you in 3 - - - 2 - - - 1 - - -

You are now launched and accelerating forward via many LIMs (Linear Induction
Motors).  Once you reach the end of the station, the train turns upward to about the
halfway point on the twisted spike.  Once you stop, gravity takes over until the train
reaches the station and you are now accelerating backwards reaching close to 70 mph.  
You now pull up into the straight spike and are about three quarters of the way up by the
time the train stops and gravity takes over.  Once the train drops back to the station,
you are accelerated to a top speed of 70 mph via the LIMs until you pull up into the kind
of takes your breath away if you are not ready for it.

Middle Row Seat
I rode this position first since I wanted to experience the ride without any extremes
(front / back seating position).  Initial acceleration was interesting in that you could
feel when the train passed through each set of LIMs.  Pull up into the twisted spike was
intense with the G forces that you pull, but what was really impressive was when the
train accelerates backwards through the station and you see everything moving away
from you at an astonishing rate.  Pulling up backwards into the straight spike was
wickedly fun due again to the G forces.  The trip back down and into the station had me
picking my feet up just a bit even though there is NO chance of your feet actually
coming in contact with the loading platform.  Still though, one foot is not much
clearance, but that is all part of the thrill.  Through the station again you could still
feel some minor acceleration, and when you hit the twisted spike, you are now halfway up
with a slight twisting motion.  Once again backwards through the station and up the
straight spike where the holding brakes kick in.  Since this was my first ride ever on
this type of coaster, let alone with holding brakes, I was quite blown away by this
experience, though later I learned to relax a bit and let my body weight just lean against
the OTSR.   Backwards and into the station to the brakes was forceful but very smooth,
for all seating positions.

Back Row Seat
I rode this position for my second ride since it had less of a line, if you can even call six
people waiting for the front a line.  Launching was the same, except that now you only
make it about one quarter of the way up the twisted spike.  Acceleration backwards was
the same as the middle, but after pulling up onto the straight spike, you are very high in
the air and have a chance to either look around or straight down.  Back through the
station you end up a bit higher on the twisted spike, but then reversing once again and
onto the straight spike, the holding brakes kick in and you are simply suspended in mid
air, very high up the tower.  The remainder of the ride is no difference than the middle
row seating position.

Front Row Seat
I rode this position for my third ride, and was the most intense ride yet.  Initial launch
was wild because you can see everything in front of you as well as feel the wind in your
face.  Up the twisted spike you go and you can see the top of the tower fast
approaching.  Backwards through the station and up the straight spike, though not that
hight.  Back through the station, though, is where it gets interesting due to the
clearance between the loading platform and your feet (about 1 foot).  When you literally
fly through the station at over 70 mph you cannot help but pick-up your feet as it looks
as if they will be sheared right off....An intense experience, but of course totally safe.  
Now as you are shot up the twisted spike you can see the end bumper approaching very
quickly, which you come within about 10 feet.  Back down and through the station, you are
shot up the straight spike though not as high as the middle or back seat of course.  Still
though, with the holding brake engaged, it gives you a bit of time to look straight down
with an unobstructed view.  Finally, back through the station with the "foot choppers" in
plain view and back up the twisted spike to about the mid-way point.  Finally, your ride
ends in reverse.  Now go Ride Voodoo and be Possessed !!!
I wish to thank Charles Hutchinson, Public Relations Manager at Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom,
for allowing me to attend Media Day for the Grand Opening of
Voodoo, and to be able to share these Photos, Videos and my Ride Reviews with you !!!
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